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20220723 Cyclopark: 1st, 2nd & 3rd

2022 British Open Penny Farthing Championships

20220723 British Open Penny-Farthing Championships: The racers

The 2022 British Open Penny-Farthing Championships were held at the Cyclopark track in Gravesend and we gratefully acknowledge Matt Trott of Trott & Sons who manufacturer beautiful & robust Penny-Farthings for organizing the event.

The Slalom

The Slalom: Practice Run

The first race was the Slalom, a test of navigating obstacles- cones in this case- at speed. We first had a timed downhill practice run, after which the competition was held. The Slalom course was a loop with an uphill start with a sharp turn at the top and a downhill finish. Slalom can be dangerous as if you nail one of the cones or turn too sharply you’re going over the handlebars.

Ed Knight Officiating. Also pictured: Terrence & Barak the token American guys…

Brian representing the Met Police handily won the event. Yours truly was the second loser managing to secure a third place finish. Big thanks to Ed Knight who helped Matt officiate throughout the day. To give you an idea of what it’s like doing slalom on a Penny-Farthing, please watch the below video.

Slalom: Single Slalom Trial Runs
Slalom: Double Slalom Competition

The track race was 30 minutes +3 laps on a fast track in blazing heat. The race was even International with (2) Americans in the field. Barak- a former US Army guy like myself- was representing the Wheelmen. Racing a Penny-Farthing all-out for over a half hour is hard enough, but the head was oppressive; it was punishing. Also, (10) riders screaming around a short track have to take extreme care in both passing & maintaining lane discipline; crashing at between 15-20 MPH on a 5′ high PF is not good . But the riders were all very experienced & safe and there were no collisions of injuries. I’ve got some video clips of the race, but haven’t had time to stitch it all together into an edited video yet. I do however have pictures which are offered below.

The Starting Line
Richard (leading) took 2nd & Charlie drafting behind him was the ultimate winner. Also Pictured: Essex Dougie hot on their heels.
Martin trying to hold onto the lead from Richard & Charlie. Resistance with this pair was futile!
Penny Les trying to fight off Richard & Charlie. the pair knew they had a battle on their hands with Les!
Essex Dougie fighting off Richard & Charlie. It was a mighty battle, but there was no stopping this duo.
(3) former Police Officers…
(2) Former US Army Guys: Barack on the left riding for the American Wheelmen
Melissa sailing past everybody…
Terrence Chasing Richard & Charlie: I needed a pair of binoculars to see them…
Graham chasing Richard & Charlie
Essex Dougie trying to catch Graham
Martin blowing past Terrence!
Terrence crapping himself…
Martin Flicking Ed the Two’s!
Richard (left), Charlie (middle) & Terrence (the ugly git).
The British Open Penny-Farthing Championships Race Video

It was a great day and again, many thanks to Matt Trott without whose efforts the day never would have happened. And thanks to my lovely wifey for taking all the pictures!

-Terrence Houlahan
Amat Victoria Magnus Rota


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