Cycling Jersey:

I’d really, REALLY suggest not cycling in cotton shirts. When they get wet, they stay wet. And cycling in wet clothing can cause sores that will bench you. Buy a decent quality cycling jersey that features fabric that wicks-away moisture. The cycle jersey pictured is a custom one I created at ( is their US site) using their exclusive 3D Designer tool. They have pattern templates you can apply (I chose paisley for my jersey) and I just uploaded my logos & artwork which I placed on a 3D model and that is EXACTLY how it will arrive. All Owayo’s jerseys feature their “Ultra-Dry” fabric, which I can tell you works. And the cost of a custom Owayo cycle jersey is comparable to a non-customisable one. And unlike other companies that allow you to create custom jerseys, Owayo has no minimum quantity: you can order just a single one.

Disclosure: I’m an Owayo Ambassador, so have a relationship with the company. But I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t good.