Review: Shimano PD-T8000 XT MTB SPD Trekking Pedals

NOTE: This review is not compensated and I received no free products or other reward for writing it.

These are hybrid pedals: Bear claw on one side, clip-on the other. I wore-out the stock pedals that shipped with my UDC MK 4 Penny-Farthing and wanted to replace them with ones that had excellent bearings and were easy to maintain. The Shimano T8000 XT MTB SPD Trekking Pedals have sealed cup and cone bearings and most importantly, yellow reflectors which is a legal requirement for pedals per the Highway Code when road cycling in the UK. Since cup and cone bearings was a must-have requirement, and this model (at the time) was the only one that had amber reflectors, these were my only choice. At £90 they weren’t cheap, but then again, tossing a £40-£50 set of pedals in the bin every 1-1.5 years after I wear them out isn’t either.

My only one small niggle is that sometimes you have to flick the pedals with your toes to get the flat-side facing up. If you race your Penny-Farthing, you could clip-in to these on the track. Having said that though, I saw a rider seriously injured racing in Lund, Sweden when his cleat caught the spokes in the high wheel. After putting some serious miles on these pedals and racing with them, I can still I’m pleased with my choice. I just bought a 2nd set for £63.99 for my UDC MK3 Penny-Farthing from Wolf Cycles.

The specs can be found HERE and you can buy a set of these from Wolf Cycles as I did HERE