Mounting & dismounting are an fundamental skills. Stopping & navigating hazards safely has a dependency on being able to quickly & instinctively mount and dismount from a Penny-Farthing.

Until you’ve mastered this skill and can do it reflexively, you shouldn’t cycle on public roads.

When practicing, do so in a flat & level area with either little or no vehicle traffic which is sufficiently large enough so you can hop along as you mount the Penny-Farthing, cycle it and return to the starting point to dismount to commence the exercise again.

Although a park might seem the best place to practice required Penny-Farthing skills, unleashed dogs are always a risk and as a beginner you probably don’t want to add to this to the mix of things you have to worry about. Also, don’t choose a location near a blind juncture where you have no forewarning of approaching vehicles. 

The below videos illustrate- using a modern UDC brand Penny-Farthing with 2 sets of pegs unlike a traditional one which has a single mount peg. Given the (2) sets of mount pegs, I’ve went to great pains to illustrate how the feet & legs need to move. The first video is a very quick HowTo and the second- longer- video goes into all the granular detail about clothing, suitable location and technique of mounting & dismounting with front and rear views of the procedure.

A Quick HowTo Video
A Full-Blown HowTo Video of Mounting & Dismounting