Review: Spurcycle Bell

NOTE: This review is not compensated and I received no free products or other reward for writing it.

Although folks will think spending £65 for a bicycle bell is a bit mad, I’ve probably spent a gazillion pounds replacing crap bells so thought spending the £65 might be cheaper in the long run. Each time a bell breaks- the last had the return spring break after barely 3 months- it requires a new Internet investigation for bicycle bells, complete with dodgy “5 star” Amazon reviews.

Sick of having my time constantly wasted replacing such a small- but very important- safety device, I thought: screw it: I’ll spend the £65 on an original Spurcycle Bell after reading too many negative reviews on bicycle sites where folks who bought cheaper cloneswere complaining about that weren’t as loud and/or the tone didn’t last very long. Anyhoo, bought the Spurcycle Bell last 16 May 2023. It’s now 25 Feb 2024 and results so far are pretty good: it’s still working and it does what it says on the tin. I cannot believe that I’m even happy that a product does what it’s advertised to do, but bike bells being as bad as generally crap as they are, I have a low happiness threshold when it comes to them: just last more than too seconds and alert pedestrians of my approach.

Spend the £65 and be done with Googling for bicycle bells every other month: Spurcycle Bell