Mountain Warehouse’s “360 Reflective Mens Jacket II”:

I tried the Pro-Viz jacket and although it was very reflective, it wasn’t very durable and shredded through normal use in barely 1.5 years. Given the price tag of nearly £100, I wasn’t inclined to replace it with another one. Pro-Viz offered a discount on a replacement jacket, but the cost wasn’t far off the price of a new one.

So I found the Mountain Warehouse version “360 Reflective Mens Jacket II” to replace it at a fraction of the price: £25. Even if it gets shredded in the same amount of time, I’m still quids-in

The size “medium” was a bit tight under the arms, so I bought a size large. Don’t be fooled by it’s dull grey colour: when a vehicle’s headlights are relected on it, the jacket appears as though it’s powered by a car battery. You’d have to be blind in both eyes not to see it. Cycling with it fully zipped can be very sweaty, but on frozen winter evenings, I’d rather be a bit warmer than colder. And cycling on cold dark winter evenings, this jacket will light you up like a flare.

Mountain Warehouse will replace it with a newer model, but here’s the link to the one I bought which for £25 and at the time of writing this- 20230218 it’s still available:

360 Reflective Mens Jacket II