Some general advice on terrain that is worth keeping in mind:


– Downhill

Moderate your speed going downhill, ESPECIALLY if there are junctures off the sides or at bottom; please read the page on “Speed Moderation” for techniques to brake your speed.

– Uphill

Before cycling UP a steep gradient hill that you’ve got sufficient leg strength to make it in a single attempt. Otherwise, you’re facing a dismount on a steep hill, which for a novice Penny-Farthing rider who cannot locate their mount pegs quickly & reflexively is almost sure to end up badly.


Watching the below VIDEO crossing a ford in the Peak District, cycling a Penny-Farthing through a ford is as easy as any puddle. However, the cyclists in this video- myself and Ed Knight in front of me- have extensive experience. And I can tell you it was all I could do to get to the other side without wrecking. A ford is NOT comparable to a deep puddle on a paved road: it’s constructed of uneven paving stones which are both uneven and slippery. I was told by one of the group that a regular cyclist- not riding a Penny-Farthing– wrecked and broke their hip only a week prior at this very ford. Fords are extremely dangerous and wet feet dry quicker than broken bones heal: I strongly advise walking your Penny-Farthing across fords- especially if you are an inexperienced rider.