Yes, I was the anonymous “A man from Brighton with his Penny-Farthing…” referenced widely in the media reporting on the Queen Lying-in-State (LISQ). I honestly had no idea, nor anticipated any media reporting on the event. It was my understanding the event was attended by gazillions of people so I thought I’d be lost in that sea of mourners. And I don’t watch any mainstream media as it really operates only as a proxy to promote the views/biases/opinions of a few billionaires that control the majority of it. Indeed, wearing a Union Jack waistcoat I knew was a sure way to become invisible to the BBC and it worked a treat 😉

I just felt the Penny-Farthing being a quintessentially British form of transportation was the most appropriate way to travel to pay my respects from Bishop’s Stortford to London (and back again…)

So imagine my surprise when friends started sending me pics/video…

20220916 Sky News “Travelled from Brighton” ;-). Me queuing at Southwark Park, London. We were held there for 4 hours 15 minutes

“A man with his Penny-Farthing” gets top-billing over David Beckham. Who’d have thunk it… 😉

A video of the epic journey can be found HERE