German sportswear company Owayo has selected Terrence Houlahan- admin of– to represent them as an Owayo Ambassador for the 2023 race season. Many cycling clubs around the world have their jerseys produced by Owayo using their industry leading 3D Designer technology to emblazon them with logos, artwork & names. Cyclists who aren’t graphic designers can create professional looking jerseys.

But for me quality matters most. I don’t care how good something looks: if it’s not both durable & functional it’s of no use to me. If Owayo was crap, I’d never recommend them. The reason I know they’re good is I was a satisfied customer and their 3D Designer utility enabled me to promote this website on a few podium finishes.

I train hard & frequently- all seasons. So my Owayo jerseys all have big miles on them. The Zippers & stitching on all of them are all perfect and there’s been no fading of colours despite being subjected to many hours in the Sun & frequent washing. Best feature though is their Ultra-Dry fabric. You can be soaked in pouring rain and their cyycle jerseys will be dry again in no time.

As an Owayo Ambassador, if you contact me I can get you a discount on an order for custom cycling jersey’s for your club. Terrence’s Ambassador cycling jerseys below were created by himself using Owayo’s 3D designer tool on

If you want to follow Terrence’s experience as an Owayo Ambassador, you can find him on:
Twitter: @MyPennyFarthing
Kamoot: PennyFarthingGuy (which can be interesting if he can remember to log his Kamoot cycles ;-> )
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