Like any sport, the chance of injury from cyclist-error is high while learning and drops significantly as the rider gains competence operating the more complex Penny-Farthing. Reducing this error is covered in the “Beginner’s” section of this site. Indeed, one never stops learning to ride a Penny-Farthing it’s been said 😉

However, risk from external sources remains constant over time and is independent of a Penny-Farthing rider’s technical competence which is covered in this section under the below headings:

– Risk Avoidance: Reducing Hazards BEFORE departing and Defensive Cycling DURING cycling
– Damage Limitation: Reduction of injury where risk avoidance impossible; use of protective equip & falling

Staying safe riding a Penny-Farthing- indeed any bicycle– requires active efforts; one can never be lazy about safety. This section will hopefully get you thinking about risk in a useful way and making it easy to make Risk Management planning as much a part of your cycle as your actual performance during a cycle. 

My views on Risk Management are informed by years of skysurfing, BASE Jumping and inhabiting a world of maximum violence. Indeed, even in my professional life working in Enterprise IT, risk management is an integral part of every decision I make. Hopefully I’ve distilled these years of experience managing risk into a useful set of simple principles & measures to help you stay safe cycling a Penny-Farthing.