February: Australian National Penny-Farthing Championships

Held annually each February in Evandale, Tasmania


02 May 2022: Reach Fair Cycle

Although not an exclusively Penny-Farthing event, prospectively
there are expected to be about a dozen of us participating in the cycle
which finishes at the medieval Reach Fair, which has been happening since 1201.

23 July 2022: British Open Penny-Farthing Championships: Cyclopark, Gravesend, Kent


–> RACE:

2022: 1st Place: Charlie Burell, 2nd Place: Richard Thoday, 3rd Place: Terrence Houlahan


2022: 1st Place: Brian Cobbold, 2nd Place: ?, 3rd Place: Terrence Houlahan

14 Aug 2022 @ 1000: Beachy Head Hill Climb

The start begins at the far end of Eastbourne Seafront where Penny-Farthing riders cycle to Upper Dukes Drive and make their way to the top of Beachy Head where they finish at a parking lot at the top. Riders are released at 1 minute increments and the one with the fastest time to cover the distance wins. To participate, please contact Matt Trott on the FaceBook Group “The League of Ordinary Riders” prior to arriving.

Race Results:

2022: 1st Place: Roger Davies, 2nd Place: Charlie Burell, 3rd Place: Terrence Houlahan


I’ll be joined by (3) other Penny-Farthing cyclists riding from Stortford to Little Easton to assist with the Classic Bicycles exhibition to be presented by Ed Knight (himself a PF cyclist) @ sometime between 1100-1200-ish in the main arena. Ed will give a talk and demonstration of various historical bicycles and their evolution. If you can’t make the demo in the main arena on Sunday 28 Aug, Ed will nonetheless be there all day both Sunday & Monday with a standing display where you can approach him for a talk on his extensive collection of historical bicycles. If you’re a keen cyclist, it’s worth a visit to the festival which has other displays of tractors, classic cars, flowers, etc….

25 SEPT 2022 Pickwick Penny-Farthing Race, Hillingdon, West London

The Pickwick Cycle Club- founded in 1870 making it the oldest in the world- hosts two races at the .93 mile Hillingdon Cycle Circuit: The first is a single lap for classic Penny-Farthings while the second is (12) laps for modern Penny-Farthings.

Results: Modern Penny-Farthings

2022: 1st Place: Roger Davies, 2nd Place: Gordon MacLachlan, 3rd Place: Terrence Houlahan

The Knutsford Great Race: (Held every 10 years)

Held every 10 Years in … Knutsford! Previously cancelled due to Covid, I’m told that it will be held this year: