My Helmet: The Specialized “Mode”

This is the lid I wear cycling. It came in 4th- out of 179 helmets- in the Virginia Tech Cycling Helmet Safety Tests. It incorporates the Mips safety feature. It replaces a Livall model helmet with integrated lights, but the newer model Livall EVO21 I tried the sizing just wouldn’t work for me: The Medium was too small on the widest setting and the Large didn’t fit well after adjusting it. NOTE: My head is 57mm and the size Medium in this model fits well even wearing a winter beanie/skullcap under it. Haven’t tried it in summer as yet; check back in a few months time to see if the cooling system works as advertised. The Specialized “Mode” can be purchased HERE

Wrist & Hand Guards:

I know many PF cyclists and I’m the only one who wears wrist guards. My logic with protective equipment as a Penny-Farthing rider who cycles it daily on busy roads is that no matter how careful and skilled I might be, I have no control over random motorists who might mow me down. If you dump on tar from 5 feet you could really hammer your hands & wrists. These wrist guards are not very cumbersome and don’t restrict hand movement. They are however a bit pricey, but if you smash your hands up, you’ll be off of work for a long, long time- which will exceed the cost of the hand/wrist guards. Wrist guards are not terribly cumbersome and I don’t even notice them cycling really. It’s a no-effort solution that could save you from a serious injury so no downside to wearing them but huge upside.

Fox Titan Jacket:

When you’re beginning, being padded-up isn’t a bad thing as you’re most at-risk of making an error while learning. Fox Racing sells a Mountain Biking jacket with all the pads built into it. Takes 2 seconds to put effective armour on and as a practical matter it doesn’t encumber you.

This jacket is comfortable, doesn’t restrict motion and will save you from serious blunt-force trauma in a fall or a collision. I was wearing this when I caught a bad pothole cycling up a hill and did a headover. The spine of the PF was seriously damaged, but I wasn’t. I definitely recommend this jacket if you’re just starting your journey learning to ride a Penny-Farthing. I sourced mine HERE