Clothing: General Considerations

– Shoe Laces: Tucked-in! They can hook on mount pegs when dismounting

– Hi Visibility: Always buy & wear garments with the brightest colours. Everything is about maximizing your visibility to motorists. You might think “how can a motorist not see somebody on a Penny-Farthing?” I thought that too until I was mowed down by an SUV despite wearing a reflective jacket and flashing helmet at night in a well lit roundabout.

– Fit: Avoid baggy shirts, sweatshirts & zipped jackets that can catch on the saddle causing a very ugly dismount. Form-fitting clothes- however un-manly they may look- will reduce the chance of busting your ass dismounting. Avoid restrictive jeans or similar leg wear as you have to swing your leg over the saddle. Cycle shorts are recommended.

– Eyewear: Always wear any prescription eyewear. If you don’t have corrected vision, then wear either sunglasses of safety glasses to keep bugs out of your eyes. Eye protection is NOT optional when cycling- a PF or any other bicycle. Also wear a handkerchief or cloth somewhere easily accessible to wipe your lenses off in case they require a wipe.

– Footwear: Avoid wearing footwear that is not securely fastened to your feet such as flip-flops. If you have to dismount barefoot, it’s going to be painful. Trainers with laces double-knotted and tucked in are recommended.

– Head Gear:  Wear a protective cycle helmet. Your head will be about 8+ feet above the ground. If you strike your head on the tar from that distance, brain damage or death is the likely result. More about helmet guidance under the protective “Equipment” section.

– Waist Pouch: Wear a waist pouch to carry your phone, keys, wallet and other random debris if you don’t wear a cycling jersey with pockets for such necessities.

– Jewellery: Don’t wear necklaces or bracelets. A watch is OK, but I’d avoid wearing an expensive one and opt for a cheaper functional one