Clothing: General Considerations

– Hi Visibility: Always opt to buy cycling garments in the brightest colours. Road cycling is all about maximizing your visibility to alert motorists to your presence.

– Fit: Avoid baggy shirts, sweatshirts & zipped jackets that can catch on the saddle causing a very ugly dismount. The other extreme is wearing clothing that’s too restrictive such as tight jeans which will make it difficult to swing your leg over the saddle. Wear cycling shorts, a (brightly coloured!) cycling jersey and you can’t go wrong.

– Eyewear: Always wear eyewear: either prescription for corrective vision or protective. You don’t want to get nailed in the eye by a bug cycling on a 5 ft high bicycle.

– Footwear: I’d suggest trainers with the laces double knotted and tucked in. Never wear footwear which is not securely fastened to your feet such as flip-flops. And even if you’re an experienced road cyclist, I suggest you avoid cycling clipped-in. I’ve seen an experienced Penny-Farthing cyclist get busted-up when his cleat got snagged in the spokes of the high wheel mounting during a race. Do you want to be physically attached to a 5 foot high bicycle in an emergency? I don’t even cycle clipped-in on tracks racing- I don’t feel the marginal benefit is worth the risk of serious injury.

– Helmet:  Wear a cycle helmet; not optional. Your head will be about 8+ feet above the ground. If you strike it on the tar from that distance, brain damage or death is the likely result. More about helmet guidance under the protective “Equipment” section. Don’t wear bowlers or other period head gear; these offer no protection.

– Waist Pouch: Wear a waist pouch to carry your phone, keys, wallet and other random debris if you don’t wear a cycling jersey with pockets to store such necessities.

– Jewellery: Don’t wear necklaces or bracelets. A watch is OK, but I’d avoid wearing an expensive one and opt for a cheaper functional one