Clothing Considerations:

– Shoe Laces: Tucked-in! These can hook on the mount pegs when you dismount. Indeed it happens…

– Hi Visibility: Given a choice amongst alternatives, always select the garments with the brightest colours. Everything is about maximizing your visibility to motorists. You say “how can a motorist not see somebody on a Penny-Farthing?” I can tell you it happens: I was mowed down by an SUV despite wearing a reflective jacket and flashing helmet at night in a well lit roundabout.

– Fit: Baggy shirts, sweatshirts & zipped jackets can catch on the saddle causing a very ugly dismount. Form-fitting clothes- however un-manly they may look- will reduce the chance of busting your ass dismounting. Avoid restrictive jeans or similar leg wear as you have to swing your leg over the saddle. Cycle shorts are recommended.

– Eyewear: Always wear your prescription eyewear. If you don’t have corrected vision, then wear either sunglasses of safety glasses to keep bugs out of your eyes. Eye protection is NOT optional: if you don’t have it, you shouldn’t be riding a PF. Also wear a handkerchief or cloth somewhere easily accessible to wipe your lenses off in case they require a wipe. Having impaired vision on a regular bicycle is not good- having such a problem on a PF could lead to disaster.

– Footwear: Avoid wearing footwear that is not securely fastened to your feet such as flip-flops. If you have to dismount barefoot, it’s going to be painful. Trainers with laces double-knotted and tucked in are recommended.

– Head Gear:  Wear a protective cycle helmet when cycling on the public roads. Your head will be about 8 foot off the ground. If you strike your head on the tar from that distance you will be facing brain damage or death. More about helmet guidance under the protective “Equipment” section.

– Waist Pouch: You need to carry a phone in case you get in trouble and of course ID & money/credit card. If these are carried in a backpack and you break your arm in a fall, you are not going to be able to access the phone. If carried in the front you should be able to reach your phone if you get busted up. Group rides are the exception, not the rule: most of the time you cycle a PF, you will be cycling alone.

– Jewellery: Ditch any loose necklaces or bracelets. A watch is OK, but I’d avoid wearing an expensive one and use a cheaper functional watch.