The following (3) videos were from my return trip home at night on my 50″ Penny-Farthing from dinner with a friend at Kensington High Street. Parts 1 & 2 take you through iconic London locations. HOWEVER: Google Maps made Part 3 a little hairy: it routed me through a corridor with famously high crime and even down a canal path. I was lucky in that I met some really nice folks along the way, but yeah, that could have turned out bad…

20220802 Part 1: Kensington to Trafalgar Sq via Piccadilly Circus
20220802 Part 2: Trafalgar Sq. to Liverpool St. Station via Bank
20220802 Part 3: Routed through Stoke Newington, South Tottenham & Walthamstow- via canal path- by Google Maps 😉