Spurcycle Bell:

Although folks will think spending £65 for a bicycle bell is a bit mad, I’ve probably spent a gazillion pounds replacing crap bells so thought spending the £65 might be cheaper in the long run. Each time a bell breaks- the last had the return spring break after barely 3 months- it requires a new Internet investigation for bicycle bells, complete with dodgy “5 star” Amazon reviews.

Sick of having my time pissed down a rathole with such a small- but very important- safety device, I thought: fuck it. I’ll spend the £65 on a Spurcycle Bell. I read folks were complaining about cheap copies of it that weren’t as loud or the tone didn’t last as long, so thought I’d go with the original. For the sake of not going through the exercise of changing bells every 2 bloody seconds, I would happily pay for a solution that both lasted and did what it was supposed to do. Sounds pretty straightforward, but my experience was that 99.99% of bicycle bells are total shite. Anyhoo, bought the Spurcycle Bell last 16 May 2023. It’s 09 September and results so far are pretty good: it’s still working- not a lot that can go wrong with it- and it does what it says on the fucking tin. I cannot believe that I’m even happy that a product does what it’s advertised to do, but bike bells being as bad as they are, I have a low happiness threshold when it comes to them ;-).

Spend the £65 and be done with Googling for bicycle bells every other month: Spurcycle Bell