Don’t Wear Period Headwear!

Resist the temptation to wear flat caps, top hats, boaters & bowlers when cycling on public roads. Although wearing Victorian period headwear looks neat riding a Penny-Farthing, it offers zero protection from a serious brain injury. Maybe when you’re more experienced and cycling in controlled conditions where there’s no risk from random motorists, but at least as a beginner always wear a helmet. I’ve cycled thousands of miles on a PF and I always wear a helmet. But then again I’m always cycling on busy roads where I cannot control the actions of lunatic motorists.

Adjustable Fit:

Buy a helmet that allows the fit to be easily adjusted. And wear it snug on your head. In winter you’ll probably be wearing a snood or balaclava to keep your head warm, so if you have a helmet that can accommodate the extra bulk of winter headgear then you’re good to go.

Choose a Helmet With Signal Lights:

Visibility is everything for a road cyclist, and even more so for a PF road cyclist. Although I am religious when it comes to using bold hand signals, I bought a cycle helmet with Left & Right turn signal indicators on the back. This is operated by a Bluetooth button on the handle bars which I activate before making an additional hand signal. At night the light bar flashes intermittently every four seconds which increases my visibility.

Pimp Helmet With Reflective Tape:

To further enhance visibility, I bought some reflective tape and placed it around the helmet so no matter what angle a motorist approaches me, their headlights should bounce-off some reflective tape on my helmet.