Riding a Penny-Farthing on public roads it’s possible that you could be involved in a collision which is your fault.

British Cycling– which sponsor British Cyclists in the Olympics- offer third-party liability insurance with membership. I emailed them and verified that Penny-Farthings were NOT excluded. And since it’s Group cover, you get cover automatically without any questions about your cycling history.

I wouldn’t treat third-party liability insurance as “optional”: were you to damage a Porsche, Ferrari or Aston you could be landed with an eye-watering bill if you are found to be the responsible party.

When cycling I carry my British Cycling membership card in my waist pouch so if I’m involved in an accident I can give the other party my membership number in respect to exchanging insurance details.

To take out a membership with British Cycling, click HERE.

To learn more about safety equipment required by the Highway Code, click HERE.