Red Flashing Rear Lights:

Avoid USB charged lights: it’s a common complaint that after charging a numerous times the charge doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes.

Buy signal lights that use standard AA or AAA batteries: they last for absolutely ages before the batteries require changing. And I have used the ones picture on the right on countless cycles in pouring rain and the rubber gasket protects them from water damage.

Fastening these lights on a Penney-Farthing can be challenging because the spine is wider than a standard bicycle’s frame. Use a silicone band and another option is to clip the red flashing light to the strap on the back of a waist pouch you keep your phone & credit card. I bought the “Sport Direct” model lights pictured at right from HERE

Silicone Bands:

I bought silicone bands to mount the above Red flashing signal lights to my PF. Since they’re infinitely flexible, there is no worries about them snapping off as I read many complaints from cyclists losing their signal lights with plastic mounts which shear cycling over bumpy terrain.

One note on these: When removing the signal light to change the batteries, CHANGE THE BAND ALSO! Over time the bands are subjected to extreme weather and stretching and will snap at some point. I reused a band several times after removing the light to change batteries and it eventually snapped and I lost the signal light at some point in the ride.

You can buy them HERE

Audible Signals:

Bicycle Bell:

Although many pedestrians & joggers who’ll step out in front of you are listening to music, you still need to have an audible signal, so purchase a loud bell.

You’ll have the same problem trying to attach the bell to the handle bars you had when attaching the signalling lights: I struggled to find one that would fit my thicker UDC Penny-Farthing’s handle bars.


This method is FREE and indeed VERY effective! Use it in conjunction with the bell, not in lieu of a bell. If the pedestrian hazard doesn’t hear your bicycle bell, then shouting “CYCLIST!!!!” generally works well as an attention-getter to the clueless who step out into the travelled way without looking.