Wrist & Hand Guards:

I know many PF cyclists and I’m the only one who wears wrist guards. My logic with protective equipment as a Penny-Farthing rider who cycles it daily on busy roads is that no matter how careful and skilled I might be, I have no control over random motorists who might mow me down. If you dump on tar from 5 feet you could really hammer your hands & wrists. These wrist guards are not very cumbersome and don’t restrict hand movement. They are however a bit pricey, but if you smash your hands up, you’ll be off of work for a long, long time- which will exceed the cost of the hand/wrist guards. If you don’t wear these then you are just gambling that a motorist will not strike you which I can tell you is a gamble that you’ll lose at some point if you cycle on the roads long enough. I sourced the wrist & hand guards pictured at right HERE:

Fox Titan Jacket:

Rather than buying a ton of separate pads which would take ages to put on separately, Fox Racing sells a jacket with all the pads built into it. Takes 2 seconds to put your armour on now.

This jacket is comfortable, doesn’t restrict motion and will save you from serious blunt-force trauma in a fall or a collision. I was wearing this when I caught a bad pothole cycling up a hill and did a headover. The spine of the PF was seriously damaged, but I wasn’t. I definitely recommend this jacket at a minimum if you’re just starting your journey learning to ride a Penny-Farthing.

I cycle my PF quite nippy- I probably average about 13-15 MPH for my fitness rides which tend to be 15 & 30 miles in length. A fall at this speed could result in devastating injuries or even death. And if you’re a novice still mastering the basic skills of mounting & dismounting, changing direction and moderating speed then I’d definitely suggest you buy a Fox Titan Jacket. I sourced mine HERE